Poster Development

Monday 15th October – Poster Critique 

After a short InDesign workshop where we refined our knowledge, as a group of around 10 students we had a mini lecture. This is were we spoke about the structure of a design, which includes the meaning of symmetrical and asymmetrical design. What I learnt is that if a design is symmetrical the viewer can feel a sense of stability, trust and order. Whereas an asymmetrical design can be thought of as adventurous, bold and pushing the limits. There is a third option which includes a mainly symmetrical elements but has a symmetrical focus. This can be seen as mainly secure with adventure.

Moving on to the poster development we spoke about what improvements we could make to get the poster to the highest standard. One improvement I could have made was to shift the focus on to the words instead of the abstract lines. All the group could clearly see that the design was in the form old Russian constructivism but it needed to be modified to express that to the general public.



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