Portfolio Final Tutorial

Monday 3rd June – Sign Up Discussion + Independent study

With my final piece I just wanted to check with the tutors to see what I could think about and improve upon. The tutor was happy with my overall design but I just needed to look at the finer details which I had not noticed before.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 17.17.39

The first page he said the title seemed a little unprofessional being “Fiona Fraser’s Graphic Communication Portfolio.” Meaning that in the commercial world companies might think I’m unexperienced or simply doesn’t look through the rest of my work.

We also spoke about how the first page was a little simple and didn’t showcase myself with my work. I was unsure what work to place in as all my work has been so different.

Going through my work he pointed out the gaps between each part such as the type next to the work and how everything should be lined up. This gives the appearance that all the work has a purpose to it which has been thought out for effect.

Screenshot 2019-06-05 at 16.37.49

One comment that has made me think is the fact that I like the words cut and hyphenated. Looking further we noticed that some of my work was similar with the imagery in Design as Activism and the one model in different clothing. On top of this the tutor said that a lot of what I do is a little off the normal path which can be seen as a good thing when perfected. 

Discussing this further I realised that this could become my style with cut off elements, slanted text all placed in a precise place for impact. Thinking about this concept the app I created was mocking the mainstream so it was pushed away from the ‘normal’. To embrace this further I decided to make all of the headings slanted and I added in a few more hyphens to be a style choice not just a happy accident.

Lastly we discussed the final page and what impression that would have upon the viewer. My end page is very technical with the app having the links but is that the last impression I want to give them? Looking back over my work I decided not to change the last slide but add another about the app, showing off the humour and joy of the app.


Now What! Degree Show

Cardiff School of Art & Design Summer Show 2019


Cardiff Metropolitan University held an exhibition, showcasing all the graduates work across the School of Art and design. These included Textiles, Illustration, Ceramics, Fine Art, Product Design and in the heart space Graphic Communication.

I made sure that I looked at all the exhibition across all the fields which gave me a greater understanding of the differences between each course. At first I thought Fine Art and Illustrations were very similar and in a way they are but the main difference is the concepts behind them. For instance one fine artist created a darkened room which was a representation of his own mind making the viewer/ me think more about the meaning. Whereas an Illustration student created a room showcasing their work and making it feel like a punk teens room, meaning they have a clear visual, up front representation instead of a metaphorical work.

When looking through the graphics section one project caught my eye. Joe Topham-Taylor created a funny controversial piece, showing off wales. One quote saying “Wales is just a worse version of England.” For someone very English like me I found this very funny and almost ironic. However, my Welsh friends thought the opposite and got a little annoyed as the classic “everyone hates the English” quote pops out. This shows me that even very simple photos taken amazingly added with short phrases can spark such emotive conversations.

Portfolio Initial Research

Week of 13th May – Independent study

To begin I looked at existing portfolios of designers – with 3D, web, multimedia and illustrative styles of graphics. Through looking at these I’ve noticed a theme being very minimal, which lets the work speak for its self. These web based portfolios go straight to the point, all using sans serif fonts, mainly in a very basic grid system.

From these I have learnt that I need to find my own personal brand that links back to my work so far.

However these are digital, interactive portfolios which is not similar to mine being printed and placed on boards. So for my work going forward I would like to keep it simple only 3 or 4 colours, not taking away from my own previous work. I am also not a fan of the grid system for just one long page. I would rather it be split up with a better pace, which my boards can cater for.



APPlying APPtitude – Visual Ideas

Week of the 25th April – Independent Study/ Review Initial Visuals

For the idea I first thought about having 3 different types of 6 packs, such as beer, abs and so on. however, when telling other about this they said that it would not work as the design needs to be simple and almost as if the app is a one liner.


I then thought about that the users should be able to personalise much like the app I downloaded, but this would change colour, tones and to make the person more human and seem like the user or the user can make up a dream look for them. I initially want a slider for this as the user can get more of a range of personalisation, but I’ll have to figure out how Xd will allow this.

I knew I wanted darker tones so I began to sketch up some ideas with colour pallets. I sketched up ideas of the first page so that I can just get the design idea to copy across the rest of the design. Through this process I realised that the design doesn’t need more than two or three colours so as I sketched more I lost more and more colours as well as details. I lost like the look of the second page of designs, which just have straight lines with strong angles. This design should fit in well with the target audience of younger men, due to it being modern, easy to navigate and had an urban feel.


Week of the 14th January – Manifesto

Perception of intelligence. This is the general public’s opinion of the way of how they look at and rate their own and others level of cleverness. The idea is to change the way of thinking about how they test the intellect. We came to this concept easily as our group communicates well together.

I researched into some examples within education, most of these were basic illustrations or an over bearing information page. The ones in the PowerPoint are simple, thus you understand what they mean. This is what we aim to achieve in our outcomes.


When talking to an illustrations tutor she mentioned a ted talk that looked into the issues with the schooling system that complied with our manifesto. He had some great points and really went in depth and felt passionate about this topic.

One point he opened up about is the idea that creativity is just as important as literacy. Also schools “stigmatise mistakes” which is where children are more likely to look into the areas that they are bad at and pick up that we are incapable of doing those areas. In reflection to this I thought about how adults look at their past and see their mistakes and are more likely to remember their regrets over their successes.

Continuing to watch some of Robinson’s other talks I thought about his points and began to realise that if you are curious about a subject then your more likely to teach and apply yourself to that area. Overall he points out that we need to rethink our schooling system to cultivate creativity and curiosity through acknowledging the different types of intelligence.2


At one of your group meetings we discussed how we can progress to create a poster for the brief. 4

Finalising My Movement Piece

Monday 26th November – Studio support 

Today I asked for opinions on where to go and how to make final tweaks to my piece. Overall the comments where positive.

One aspect mentioned was that the sound of the balloon popping. This was because there was only one balloon pop. To rectify this I simply copied another two of the same sounds.

Another improvement that was stated is to change the design and colour of the word “poxism.” They suggested that I make it look as in its been infected. I changed to colour to a pinky-skin colour. Then added spots as if the words had chickenpox.


Overall I am happy with my piece as it has some comedic value but doesn’t overpower the message. I believe that if it were to become a real YouTube style advert the public would be entertained and drawn in by the bright colours, style of the design and the actual content.

Creative Thinking

Tuesday 30th October – Creative thinking. 

We had an in depth lecture to engage our brains so that as a class we can be inspired by the smallest of things. The lecturer showed us some images and clips that had hidden elements within the over all image. Now with a new appreciation for elements of inspiration, we were given groups to research our own thinking techniques through one existing movement.

A few hours later all the groups came back and explained their technique given. This was enlightening as I did not know some of these methods. One example of this would be the 6 thinking hats. Each has a different colour to represent a thinking style which will help you to look at the same work from a different angle.

From using these techniques I decided to brain storm ideas in the style of a mind map for my Movement Project. I came up with several different ideas; one being a cup of Tea is a God or a darker tone of regret-ism where everyone has a regret and the members have to guess. I also thought about having no make-up movement or even permanent make-up, however these were already ideas, so I thought about my surname “Fraser” and having it be a high up, well to do ‘members only’ style club. Then I continued to brainstorm and thought about illnesses and how my parents held a chicken pox party where children would come to get chicken pox while they were young as it can be worse when you are older.

Therefore, using creative thinking techniques helped me to come up with ideas from a few simple everyday inspirations.