Finalising My Movement Piece

Monday 26th November – Studio support 

Today I asked for opinions on where to go and how to make final tweaks to my piece. Overall the comments where positive.

One aspect mentioned was that the sound of the balloon popping. This was because there was only one balloon pop. To rectify this I simply copied another two of the same sounds.

Another improvement that was stated is to change the design and colour of the word “poxism.” They suggested that I make it look as in its been infected. I changed to colour to a pinky-skin colour. Then added spots as if the words had chickenpox.


Overall I am happy with my piece as it has some comedic value but doesn’t overpower the message. I believe that if it were to become a real YouTube style advert the public would be entertained and drawn in by the bright colours, style of the design and the actual content.


Creative Thinking

Tuesday 30th October – Creative thinking. 

We had an in depth lecture to engage our brains so that as a class we can be inspired by the smallest of things. The lecturer showed us some images and clips that had hidden elements within the over all image. Now with a new appreciation for elements of inspiration, we were given groups to research our own thinking techniques through one existing movement.

A few hours later all the groups came back and explained their technique given. This was enlightening as I did not know some of these methods. One example of this would be the 6 thinking hats. Each has a different colour to represent a thinking style which will help you to look at the same work from a different angle.

From using these techniques I decided to brain storm ideas in the style of a mind map for my Movement Project. I came up with several different ideas; one being a cup of Tea is a God or a darker tone of regret-ism where everyone has a regret and the members have to guess. I also thought about having no make-up movement or even permanent make-up, however these were already ideas, so I thought about my surname “Fraser” and having it be a high up, well to do ‘members only’ style club. Then I continued to brainstorm and thought about illnesses and how my parents held a chicken pox party where children would come to get chicken pox while they were young as it can be worse when you are older.

Therefore, using creative thinking techniques helped me to come up with ideas from a few simple everyday inspirations.

Poster Development

Monday 15th October – Poster Critique 

After a short InDesign workshop where we refined our knowledge, as a group of around 10 students we had a mini lecture. This is were we spoke about the structure of a design, which includes the meaning of symmetrical and asymmetrical design. What I learnt is that if a design is symmetrical the viewer can feel a sense of stability, trust and order. Whereas an asymmetrical design can be thought of as adventurous, bold and pushing the limits. There is a third option which includes a mainly symmetrical elements but has a symmetrical focus. This can be seen as mainly secure with adventure.

Moving on to the poster development we spoke about what improvements we could make to get the poster to the highest standard. One improvement I could have made was to shift the focus on to the words instead of the abstract lines. All the group could clearly see that the design was in the form old Russian constructivism but it needed to be modified to express that to the general public.