Final Poster Development

Friday 19th October – Poster Improvement

Throughout the process I was developing two different posters, Constructivism poster initialbut after some tweaking on both I decided on the better one to show my tutor for a draft of the final piece (picture to the left -colour version Constructivism poster). Talking to my mentor I began to truly realise the importance of the hierarchy in  every design and how the eye needs to be lead across the page.

I now understand that my work had no clear focal point as there was 2 or 3 different features. To move forward in my design I would have to shrink certain elements and enlarge others; this should allow the viewer to have a clear sight path to follow.

Another element we spoke about was the type. I have been unhappy with the placement of the 3 paragraphs however I currently know that I used the words to fill an empty space instead of being their own design element. Using this information I began to play around with different layouts with the paragraphs across the page. I soon realised that the top half was nicely presented but the lower half I struggled to find the correct placements. Constructivism final poster designs Over all these 3 designs are the best from this project and I will decide which one to print out after some votes from my group.




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