APPlying APPtitude – Initial Thoughts

Week of 18th March – Initial Ideas + Tutorial

When in the Monday’s lecture I was highly inspired with different routes I could go down, whether that will include cultural, social, political, technological or environmental element is up to me. Immediately had some ideas and noted many simple concepts down. Some of these include;

  • blocking people at certain times from contacting you
  • tracking your social media profile and who looks at it
  • temporarily removes all cookies from your phone (10/20 minute intervals)
  • the graphic designer app
  • the pointless games – pen clicker/ fidget spinner/ hot wheels/ ect.
  • Dad joke central
  • locking apps – staying in/ keeping out
  • fake 6 pack in 30 days


I decided I needed to research into these ideas and see whether they are in the market already. To do this I simply got my smart phone and opened google play store and began to search for the different existing apps. Through this I started making larger decisions and cutting them down. This included whether they exist, if they are possible or whether I would find it interesting to create and research into.

I immediately removed the thought of tracking someone online as this would have to be dealt with sensitivity and I feel I couldn’t take it as far as I want to go. With removing all previous cookies, this is essentially going back to software basics and the day you got your own smart device, which in theory might seem great but I feel the general public does not want it. Moving forward, the pointless mind numbing games are out there and has a wide range of types existing it will be very difficult to find a niche market or something that hasn’t already been done a million times. This all is the same with the dad joke idea.

Along with this the locking app will need to be marketed differently as some already exist. These include locking certain pictures or blocking you messaging people at certain times. The market I was thinking about which is different to whats out there is teens and young adults that pass their own phones around to their friends and be really jokey. These phone owners might not want their friends to message certain people, so the app can have a finger print scanner or use a builtin one.

The last two ideas I did a little more research on as I thought they were better than some others. The first I looked into was the designer app. There is so much out there saying each one is the best and you should get their app. The set up of each app is fairly similar with 4 or 5 presets that you can adapt and personalise to what you want; these include flyers, posters, business cards ect. Once you have created the design you can download it to your phone to share. The money is made from a few different ways; some of the apps you have to pay to download the app, others you have to pay to download the design and some are free with adds.

The final idea I researched into was the 6 pack in 30 days. So may of these exist and have a very specific target market for each app. These include men from 18 to 24 years wanting a perfect body, a woman wanted to lose a few pounds around the stomach area and so on. The way I want to go is have it as a joke where the users don’t have to actually lose the weight it is just on their own screens. This has not been done but I can see the potential users out there through scrolling through the comments. On the “splits in 30 days” app there are a few funny comments saying things similar to what happens if i cant do the splits in 30 days, do I restart the whole app? and other comments mocking the app in a sarcastic tone.


APPlying APPtitude – Launch

Monday 18th March – Brief Launch

To put brief in context we all initially watched the video which visualised how technology has developed and become more in tune with our lives. We then were given some more explanation about the different areas of this new area of technology.

Moving digital is both seen as a good thing as well as bad. When talking about the transition into the digital world it has been seen as mainly a beneficial as it is less likely to be lost, easier, quicker, easily shared – all which help the user. Although this means we can live a “better life” than before it can be switched as we are now being less social and less active. In the tutor’s presentation he showed many mind numbing apps that we as the general public love and will most likely continue to love.

This got me thinking about how most people are being exploited for their needs to be entertained constantly. This can also be seen through the back to nature workshops/ resorts that have little to no electricity. With the brief being create an app with my own ideas I am excited to see what ways the public (peers/ tutors) can react to my different concepts.

I am currently unsure on how I can find a good market or challenge myself and find an untapped niche market. Also I am a little apprehensive to use the new software – Adobe XD – which I didn’t even know existed until a tutor mentioned it.

Changing Faces – Final Interpretations

Week of the 11th March – Independent study 

After having tweaked my designs from tutor feedback I printed the pages and looked through for the finer details. I noticed that some of the bubble were not cut out and overlapped. Although this started as a style choice I decided to remove any overlapping parts of the circles, which as well as looking more refined it added to the metaphor of the memories not fully coming together.

On top of this I was still unconvinced on the last spread as the large red bubble still didn’t fit as much as I wanted it to. After spending slightly too long adjusting each and every bubble I am finally happy with the outcome and overall flow of the piece.

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Overall I feel more confident with InDesign both with the help from the workshop and my own development and experimentation. At the start of this project I could easily say that InDesign was one of my least confident Adobe software due to the lack of previous use. But now I am confident to present my work knowing that I used the program to the best of my ability.

Changing Faces – Tutor Support + Development

Monday 11th March – Studio Support + My development

At first I wanted to print off my work and check overall the design to see if I was happy with it. The main thing I wanted to look at was the scale of the type, which I feel is just about right.

When talking to the tutor he had many suggestion on the page spreads. Straight away the tutor said that the type needs to start on the line. Also on the first spread there is a single sentence paragraph and he mentioned that this looks plain and as if its not meant to be there. Another type detail he looked at was on the last page spread where a single column is used, he said it didn’t work well with the other paragraphs and doesn’t read easily. To combat the type detailing, I started by rearranging the paragraphs so that they line up at the top and adjusted the last few paragraphs for the two column style used throughout. Then I looked at the single line paragraph and decided to simply make it bold to stand out and have its own presence.

We briefly mentioned the colours of the bubbles and I explained that the colours can represent fire as the memory is burnt away leaving distorted or even nothing behind. We both seemed very happy with this and I just looked over the opacity of some of the circles making each one fill the space with balance.

The next improvement he suggested was to look at the scale of the marginalia. This has been a topic of many of the feed backs I have got from both peers and tutors whether to scale up or down. Through looking back at some of the original designs with the hand written in a larger scale I feel now that the smaller and more subtle things work better. Also looking at the research they also used a lot of smaller styles so that it didn’t over power the design. When changing my design made them all smaller but each one still had a different scale to seem more hand written by more than just two people.

My tutor also mentioned the flow of the piece saying the although each page is good on their own the look very similar so it doesn’t progress enough. When looking through the sheets even I got confused to what one was the 2nd and which one was the 3rd. This meant I had to rethink parts of the design. One simple suggestion was to change the headings on each page as this would not be a repetition of the first title. Another suggestion was to play around more with the scale of the bubbles. This should increase the sense of curiosity of the reader as they flip each page.

To correct the flow I first removed then added new headings to the second and third pages. I found it hard to pull out a quote as I didn’t want to repeat any of the quotes used in the marginalia. Through looking back at my printed, note filled article I found some great snippets. When placing them I wanted to keep them in the same distorted style of the first page, with the breaking up of the words through new lines.


Next I thought about the positioning of the bubbles and with the sketches and ruff ideas the tutor gave I was able to be more experimental. I knew I wanted to keep the first spread very much the same but the progression needed to be big and powerful. So I started on the second design making certain bubbles bigger and changing the opacity of some of the smaller ones. The final spread I found this a lot harder to try do more experimenting with and be creative so to overcome this I took off about half of the circles. When placing them back I made sure they had a greater presence. 

Fine Art Chinese Calligraphy

Wednesday 6th – Chinese Calligraphy

I was made aware of a 3rd year student in fine art was holding an exhibition of her work in the city centre. Alongside this was a calligraphy workshop, that happened to be in Chinese. This was highly interesting as it linked very well with my current work I was doing. I learnt about the culture within the style. This included the way the brush is held, the different ways to paint the stroke and how the script came about.


To start with we had a mini PowerPoint on the history of how the dialect came about. The Chinese culture had a lot of different dialects and through the centuries some came together and created a better and more diverse language with easier to read symbols. This was then adapted for the newer digital typeface styles that is now used for the majority of people’s handwriting.

When we began to paint the letters we had to learn to keep the paint brush upright and hold it with the tips of your fingers instead of the more European slanted and resting on your hand way. Through copying the woman in charge I managed to draw my own in the correct style. Starting with a slant and ending with a twist, which became more therapeutic as each stroke of the paint went down. I ended with several phrases, one being happy new year and another good luck.

Overall I learnt that different cultures still have the more than one style of writing such as the “a” can be written differently as well as the “g” or “z” depending on the typeface or style of handwriting used.


Changing Faces – Deans’s 1 to 1

Monday 4th March – One to One with Olwen Moseley + Improvements

The dean was very helpful as she gave very precise feedback on my work so far.

At first I showed her the original blank layout with no add ons. She was happy with the look and liked the font choice as well at the heading placement. Although she did mention the actual words of the title might need changing as its just a repeat.

Next we looked into the next layer with the hand writing. She advised me to look at scale of the words. I thought about this and decided to have one feature quote with the others much smaller. I decided to make all the script different scales so that the eye can flow and it almost seems like a metaphor for each memory size she has and some has lost connection to her so doesn’t remember the feelings behind it. Through Doing this I noticed that I prefer it showing off and highlighting the digital type behind.

Finally we looked at the third layer of see-through bubbles. She decided that I should include the circles and agreed to keep going with the theme of them. Overall she liked the concept but she felt it needed more thought to it because currently they are just placed in a random arrangement. To achieve a deeper meaning and a better look we came up with the idea of blurring and distorting the elements behind, cutting out the circles so that none or only some over lap or another improvement I could try is to make the circles from old photos. 

9.0From this I took on board the element of cutting out the bubbles but leaving some to overlap like a memory would. I feel that because the circles are over the body text to distort the view to behind even if its only some of them the design would not look crisp or some what refined. Although I did take on board the element of using old photos. So I searched through my holiday photos and made a few testers then placed them on the design. Looking at both designs I prefer the sty;e without the photos. Through having no photos the design will collaborate the fact that the main woman doesn’t like photos and she has to force herself to remember certain elements of her life such as her wedding day. 



Changing Faces – Digital Designs

Weekend leading up to 4th March – Independent Study

My base has been created, I just need all the extra parts with the layers. To start with I wrote out a list of words/ quotes that I wanted within the design as I didn’t want any of my own words used to seem un-bias.

I started writing out my words trying to get the handwriting up to a high standard. I wanted an old fashioned script style to have the most contrast to everything. Unfortunately my writing is anything but. I had plans to meet up with my dad so kindly asked him to note some things down. After him being very confused and slightly weirded out, I had some good quotes to use.

From this I used illustrator to create line images and neaten up some of the non-straight lines.

I then placed selected phrases within the design, adjusting the angle and size of the script. At first I didn’t add many handwritten elements in as I wanted the digital type to be the main elements but as I looked I decided to make the script the main image so added more and made it bigger.

Through looking back at the research and my initial ideas I wanted to go a step forward and create another layer. This would be created through circles that have a lower opacity. The meaning of having these are to visualise the different memories and some are faded more than others and some are bigger than others.