Research into Constructivism

12th/14th October – Weekend Research

The brief was clear I had to research Constructivism. I had some knowledge on this prior and the lecture within the week lead me to know the larger main facts, but I wanted to know more to design my own poster.

I knew that Russia was in a civil war after several attempts of invasions and all the royal families being murdered. The people pleaded for change through their protests but one way that artists demanded change was to create a new futuristic style. These designers aimed to seek the re-organisation of society as well as a giving hope to the public. The artists rejected the classical illustrated style and the over exaggerated Art Deco movement. Instead they experimented with type and image creating a geometric feel, similar to the up and coming cubism style of that time.

When researching into the posters, I drew the most relevant designs. Through reinventing them I noticed that all the designs are at a 45 degree angle and most things are perpendicular to the main focal point. I also noticed they used geometric shapes to promote the joining of the ever dividing country. All the art work had a same colour schemes, which included black, white and red. These colours could be seen as representing the different armies and their political stance.


From there I began to draw my own small sketches that would fit in with the designs of the historical work.


The websites used to gather knowledge and inspiration:


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