Poster Task

Tuesday 9th October –  abstraction metaphor task

To begin with we had a small lecture this is where we gathered the last of the information about the assignment. I have to create an A3 poster in the style of constructivism.

Once we were divided into our groups of about 6 people, we worked on looking at original pieces of that time period and re-imagined them to be more modern. Pinterest was a good way of showing the modern twist on the original work. Another website I discovered was filled with information and art work that was made at the time of the Russian civil war.

As a group we began noticing patterns across the poster layouts. One pattern would be that nothing would be on a straight line down instead it would all be at 45 degree angle. Also the colour themes would all be similar and have that emphasise on the black. We would assume that the colour scheme represents the armies and the loss of lives. The typeface is also sans serif and bold to show that the people want to be loud and ask for change.


Using the style of constructivism20181009_201044 I cut out card to create my own designs. We linked with another group and went over the details of what constructivism is. This solidified my knowledge of the topic, preparing me to draw my own designs.



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