Design History

Monday 8th October – Design History

To begin with I had a lecture on all the major topics for Graphic Design throughout history. I learnt a lot about how the style has adapted to a different society across the world. An example of this would be the War and Propaganda movement. In World War I the use of posters had a curtail role as there was little to no other way to get any messages to the public. Thus forcing Governments to spend a lot of money into poster design, development and printing. Through out Europe, the poster style had to be adapted depending on what the government wanted their country to believe or do. For Britain, we had a entice the men to fight for the war, so the government used the slogan  -“Daddy, What did YOU do in the Great War?” The British government much like America used the family values to endear the public which is common knowledge. However, what I didn’t know was that the German Government used a very different style through using old myth heroes and medieval knights, but the German government wanted the same thing – for the general public to fight along side them in the war.

In contrast to the very illustrative past a new art form began mid way through the first world war. This was Constructivism. It was created in Russia where they were torn apart with the invasion and the monarchy being overthrown. I learnt that this style was created to promote the re-organisation of the society, along with the hope for a better more prosperous future. The designers experimented with type and image, keeping with geometric shapes almost in the style of the up and coming cubism style of that time period.

Overall I have gathered information that I would not have found out, such as the Viennese Method within the Isotype Viennese Movement (1925-1934) inspired the The London Underground map.


Mini Bibliography

David Presentation – Tutor


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