Initial Plans

Wednesday 5th to Friday 7th December – Independent study 

logo ideas

These are the logo designed by all the group including me (bottom left four). We decided on the top left styles, which gives a temporary and sleek look.

When looking into designs similar to the style I can across a book cover that includes the slave trade within the garment and overall fashion industry. I like the simplicity of the layout through using a symmetrical layout with a small component of asymmetry. The creator uses black and white photos with one simple pop of colour, which can be more emotive as you are not drawn away from the message portrayed.

The other images are from an Instagram page by Lucas Grassmay, shown to me by my group. All his work is very up to date, with a clear grid system throughout. He breaks up images to create depth and frames them with the text creating a pleasing visual.


When looking into more research and talking to the team we decided to use photography and type based graphics.

The outcomes we plan to have are posters, gifs, video/clip and a social media page or banner. When creating these we will each have one aspect to take forward.

One worry we each have is how coherent the designs will become and how well all the aspects will come together for one brand. To try to overcome this we quickly chose black and white colour scheme but debated over the fonts. So made a short list of the fonts we each liked and highlighted the differences.


As a group we decided on the bottom two font styles. One for headings and the other for body text.


Other resources I looked into for quotes and visual inspiration;


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