Design as Activism

Week of the 3rd – Design as Activism Brief

Our brief is to create a series that will explore the role that graphic designers can have in enlightening, persuading and provoking a viewer to engage them with a particular subject matter or moment in time. This 2 week project is going to help us figure out what roles we play within a group, how well we work with others and where graphic design sits within the world of art.

Our group of 5 immediately brain stormed ideas and random concepts that effect us and the general public in today’s times. We looked at some main objectives of social, cultural, political and environmental issues. Some ideas we came up is the mistreatment of the NHS and other emergency services, government corruption and their budgets. Through a group conversations we all had leaned more towards the inequality concept.

To go further we needed research and a more in depth plan, so another member and I created a Lotus Blossom thinking technique so that we can start our creative flow and start to link ideas. Another created a mind map of different sub topics we could specialise into. While the other two members researched the overall topics that helped us to move forward. By doing this it allowed us to explore and be more creatively. This also made us think about what is already out there as we don’want to repeat a very similar concept.

Creative thinking - Lotus Blossom

With a lot of our ideas laid out we can up with the concept of inequality based on physical features such as looks. To narrow this down we looked into the job and recruitment as well as educational implications a certain physical attribute has.

Going forward we found it had to find a name that would fit. Our idea is contemporary and hard hitting so we need the name to reflect that. At first we came up with Opportunity without inequalities or OWI for short. We were not sold on this idea so discussing with our tutors we all had time to reconsider and change the name. Through talking through as a group we decided upon Aesthetic Presumptions (AP).




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