Initial designs

Week of the 10th – Independent Study

I began to sketch ideas down, visualising the style of photos that I wanted to take. My concept with the female character is that she is wearing different items and is perceived differently throughout, even though its the same person in the same scenario. The other main thought I had was that the male character just had disadvantages due to the scruffy nature and people judging him before they meet him.

With the male I learned that if you cut out parts and exaggerate areas you can create an over the top style. I tried to scale up the hair to exaggerate the scruffy style.

With the female model I wanted to create an overemphasised illusion for each persona. I am not very confidant with Photoshop but I cut out the model and adjusted each image so that they looked the best. Then I proceeded to place her on a background free from the internet –   After some consideration I realised that just placing the images on top of one another did not sit right so I burned areas in the background so that is looked like shadows. This makes the image look more realistic.



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