Movement Reflection

Tuesday 27th November – Hand In Day

This project has challenged me in many different way – to use brand new software, to be creative and just to pull all the different aspects together.

I am really thankful about the creative thinking workshop as it turned up my imagination and I came up with some weird ideas. I really liked the concept of the 6 hats and the metaphorical thinking which all made me look at this project from a different perspective from the beginning. Through using this I was able to understand the brief a little bit more and draft my first story board.

My favourite part was designing the story board and making ruff, quick sketches of my ideas because I had creative freedom. With my final story board ready to be presented I was unsure how to go forward but with the help from my tutors I was able to improve my work. I made it more metaphorical and using the balloons as the people, ready to create the animation.

I have learnt a lot over the past month especially with the After Effects software. This was a new program to me and I had to quickly dive right into. I have learnt how to animate a simple image, how to blend background, how to add audio and many other simple tricks. I will continue to improve the more I use After Effects and will work on my knowledge about a wider variety of effects and presets.


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