Feedback and Improvement – Constructivism

Tuesday 23rd October- Formative Submission Type and Image

This was the day of my formative submission – it was great to learn about all the

1Capturedifferent topics that the class had been studying for the past month. I found the movements that were around the same time period as mine really interesting through seeing similarities and differences.

Constructivism is all about structured chaos and how that has meaning. I feel that my design conveys that message with all different elements going in to the main title, giving the illusion of a 1910/1920’s Russia.

Tuesday 20th November – Constructivism – Type & Image Formative Feedback

Overall I am pleased with my work and am happy with the outcome. I understand now what I need to do to improve and how I can take it further within the brief.

A conclusion that the tutor mentioned is that my work is too similar to the original style of that time period, whereas the brief is asking for it to be re-imagined. One way he suggested was to “Explore more contemporary graphic design research as well as more insight into posters of the time.” To achieve this I looked at my research already done then I looked at some very modern posters. These new posters are using geometric 2D lines and adding shading to create an illusion of 3D work in a minimalistic way. Within my own work I began to take away the heavy bold lines from the Constructivism style and adapt then into a more modern setting.

With these designs I thought about the negative space so that it can balance out the filled space. At first I wanted something simple and not overwhelming but after a conversation with a few tutors they pointed out that I should consider having different shades of the colour.

Another aspect was the text. It almost appears as the text was placed within the shape not the text holding their own power. I thought my alignment it would make them pop more but it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing. So I changed around each paragraph so that they all have their own status. I began by lining them up within a 6 line grid system but then the paragraphs didn’t sit right within the image. I decided to place each image in its own position without a grid so that it would flow better.


I feel that my final piece has been simplified, yet still has the Constructivism feel.

Overall the feedback was really helpful as I can use this for my next project. This also gives me a chance to go back and reflect on what I have done, in both my work and learning journal.


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