Smells Like Teen Spirit

Constellation – Thursday 4th October – week 1

I had been told about this by many of the tutors and third years that this is a good way to get out of your comfort zone and develop my writing and thinking skills. A few days prior I selected the groups in which I would want to join. A nights wait I fond out I was in the class called “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for the first term.

We dived right in at 9 AM sharp. I was in awe of the class and by the end of the day I had written a shocking 6 pages with out realising.

To start with I learnt that everyone gives off an atmosphere, which can come from their clothes and/ or attitudes. The tutor used memorable symbolism about how we would not scream at everyone in a football match that we support a certain team and not another, we would simply wear the colour of that corresponding team, thus showing who we support.

This lead onto thinking about all the social rules that we as society put up to protect ourselves and stay within the normal. Continuing that thought on what if someone were to break out of those social constructs; would they be bullied or shamed? Would people follow their new trends? I discovered that it was these type of people that break the rules are the trend setters of their culture.

As a class we then, tried to describe and then analyse an image to do with the 1960’s hippies. Though analysing many photo on one subculture I have learnt that subcultures can be influenced by many different cultures – such as the hippies were influenced by some aspects of the Indian culture. also subcultures can impact the larger cultures like the 21st century as we believe in being eco-friendly and free flowing hair.

Overall, I have discovered that finding the rules of a style is key to breaking them to creating your own masterpieces. Not conforming to one style is a key to the evolution of a civilisation.


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