Six Word Poster

Monday 1st October

We have just received our first project; this is to create a poster with only 6 words to illustrate a book of our choice from 4 different authors. The aim was to only use black and white typography. The fonts we had to use must be hybrids, so a combination of more than one typeface.

With this project I was unsure how to go about it so I began to look into one of the authors, which was Roald Dahl. I quickly decided on the 6 words – “five golden adventures, one chocolate waterfall.” This is from the famous story Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

The hybrid fonts were easy to do as I feel confidant with Illustrator. One challenge was the placement of each individual letters. This was due to Kerning of the letters and the previous exercises within this practice. 3 word

I began to add the same words in different typefaces, overlaying them then cutting out the parts that I didn’t like – thus creating a hybrid letter.

Once all six of the words were complete I began to adjust the sizes of the characters and the leading between the lines. From there I began to make the letters a unique size and tiled them at funny angles to emphasise the crazy story line of the Willy Wonka’s life.

all 6 full good


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