Placing Designs within context

Developing this design further I asked a few of my friends with dyslexia and one that is visually impaired for advice. One suggested my design was too bight and too much for the a dyslexic eye so they were looking at the red and white backgrounds not the words or arrows. Thus I dulled down the white to a light grey.

Having a welsh friend look over the work they were also happy that the national language was first as well as being the brighter colour. Keeping this idea throughout means the ‘RED’ is a symbol of the dragon and is apart of the National Museum Wales.

When talking to some museum staff they have plans in progress with using imagery more throughout the museum. Instead of using photography like they originally have I have used almost cartoon characters showing each individual space. This should help children engage as well as visually impaired people for the ease of looking at a glance with the arrows.

Some of the exhibition spaces have a dimmer light so the signage cannot be seen at its highest potential. Through having the lighter, brighter tones changes the appearance to a well-lit area without having to install the proper lighting.

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