Idea Development

one to one – discussing moving forward

Coming from a Maker view I was encouraged to think bigger, better, brighter. I meed to tell the tutors as if they were the museum what needs to change as if I worked within the space. Saying I will design further, I will push the bar and make the change.

We discussed the idea of changing the brand – running with the idea of orange every where and challenging the current designs in use. The museum itself does not have a well known logo so they are using the national museum of wales or just leaving it out. Peter Smith created the logo design for the nationals however the individual logos are not used even if they do look great on their own. I worry that they do not work within the space as they need more designing implemented into the spaces.

Seeing these designs I can look more into the branding, with Cardiff being the red museum and out of these logos take that forward. A colour scheme is important and red has the meaning of hunger and the need for energy much like the need for knowledge that every museum pride themselves on. paring it with white should balance the harshness and anger from the colour and can brighten the dramatic power of ‘red.’

The tutor and I also discussed moving out of the museum and how the outside world would see the space. Passing by they currently have maintenance work on the roof so the building is just cladding with a plastic wrap. Moving forward the everyday pedestrians can see there are stairs up assuming that wheelchair users must use a less grand entrance almost second class, not worthy of a classic ramp or lift that would ruin the aesthetics.

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