Initial Concepts

Weekend starting 15th Nov – Independent Study 

For the idea I need to know how to help stimulate the mind for a visitor coming to the space. With the lecture on creative spaces and well being it set me on a path looking deeper into the idea of a space bringing happiness. The idea that curiosity sparks happiness and pleasure within the mind.

As a designer I can lock into this and stimulate the mind in exploring the museum. The concept of play is key to spark these feelings of joy and exploration. Thinking laterally you need to feel safe and secure to ‘play’. You need freedom, spontaneity and not to worry to be able to play. Linking this to the National Museum Cardiff, the signage needs to be ‘playful’ but yet informative. Personally I feel safer when I know where I am and where I will go next. when visiting there was a level of uncertainty as to where I was within the space and found it confusing to wonder around. Therefore even with my curiosity of the artefacts the idea of me ‘playing’ was out of the question as I felt unsafe.

The workers within the space seemed to know the answer before we even questioned them with directions, concluding that something needs to be changed.

One sign I found helpful was the direction to the evolution of wales. However, this was a minuscule stand alone A4 page which was hard to spot and we would have never have visited if one of our group spotted it.

Another sign was disorienting with different things on different sides. I had to walk around this blocky sign to find what i wanted instead of being given it plainly and simply.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 19.56.15.png

In challenge to these current elements I wanted a large bright sign stating exactly what I would want as a viewer wanting to explore the space with a simple knowledge of it for the safety factor.

When visiting we used AR to show the space in a new light. To begin these experiences we had to stand in the correct place. Finding these places were hard as the sign was not catching to the eye and some of the colours were boring and understated. So I created a bight continuous design. The Dippy on Tour is already in use and I liked the designs but needed incorporating with the museum. I designed 2 others in a similar style to make it cohesive.

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 20.37.29.png

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