End of Field 4 Evaluation

Overall I believe that many things went well during the collaboration project both of my groups had a good work ethic. However, I feel that the second collaboration worked better, due to greater communication. This included meetings and the constant group chat messages of updates on the work. The second group had a greater sense of joining together and creating one aesthetic.

I am also pleased about the final outcomes because they all read really easily due to them being clear and to the point as well as being legible. The fonts work in unison as we all adjusted the leading and kerning, finding the right balance.


We were unsure about the audience because the group and I wanted to keep our work more general. Although after some consideration I decided that I should be aimed towards people that are currently effected by education. This is still broad because it includes children and teens, parents and teachers on top on the government and their politics. The decision did not change our outcomes massively due to such a wide range of audience.

One main aspect I learnt is that good communication is key for success. We each had different opinions on each individual style and whether we went with the look or not. In the second group we did have a small conflict of what style and background choice we wanted. However, was quickly resolved through good level of communication. I soon realised that this should never of happened if we all communicated better from the beginning.

I have also developed my writing skills in a way that I have become more reflective. This has helped in my day to day lectures because I will think back to them and pick out key principles from with in that lesson to use with in my practice.

An area that didn’t go as expected was the initial ideas. I believe this is due to the fact of us not knowing each others style of work. We were and still are so different within our own style which meant that some of us had to compromise or try a brand new aesthetic that we prefer to avoid in the past. However, when it came to finalising in the last 3 or 4 days my group managed to collaborate to design great cohesive placards.

I think that next time I will continue to send more updates of my work and make sure all the group does the same so that we are on the right track together. I would also have more meetings in person at the beginning instead of just using social media just to make sure that we were all on the same page. This is one of the reasons why I believe my second group did slightly better towards the end at collaborating.

I believe that I took more control over the work ethic of the second group and when I created the Power Points make sure everyone’s work was included. My group used each others work as inspiration and we each had great concepts which all contributed to the final outcomes.

This has been the first time that I have work with other students doing my own practise as well as an other at this level. So I feel that I have thrown myself in and tried to engage with each group giving my opinions and ideas freely. Throughout this process I have been developing more of a sense of what graphic design is within the real world in comparison to illustration and other art forms.


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