Monday 28th January – Placard

The new placard brief was simple and to the point so my group and I wanted to keep the designs simple.

Looking back over this project we decided that we hadn’t kept to one specific style. With this new week we wanted all the work to be in the same aesthetic. This meant picking colour scheme, typefaces and style. To begin with I created a mini collection of the style of work so far. Due to the random style of our work we made the decision to add on the graphic type and contemporary work that one member work with.


We each brainstormed began to list creative slogans and phrases that we thought of – picking the best and removing the worst.

As we progressed I looked into Stanley Green’s placards and their style. The elements that I liked are the one word per line and the level of readability. In response to this the illustrators felt that this would suit their style and created placards with paint and through screen printing. 2

Through using the illustrators work as inspiration us graphic designers quickly decided on the colour scheme but were very unsure about the type faces to use. Going separately and then coming together, someone suggested Oswald Bold and Titling Gothic FB. We went with these because they fit the contemporary design and many great artists are using them currently.

My designs are the 3 on the right. One idea I had was the idea that everyone is individual but we all are forced to live very similar childhood, especially when it comes to the schooling system. We are placed within a bubble that we are students so we must act in this way and must have a goal of such a thing. Another concept I had was the graduation cap and how that is made individual with each student designing and hand crafting the top with a design but overall the shape and meaning is the same.


The overall look of these posters looks unfinished and we all thought they needed an extra element to push them even further. Also I thought that this was an almost harsh graphic based design so almost wanted to personalise it and bring to life with a subtle and unique illustration or pattern.

When printing these out for the Monday presentation I realised that the graduation cap didn’t show up as much as I wanted it to. To rectify this I reprinted the designs with a less opacity placed upon the elements.


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