Initial Critiques

Monday 12th November – Group Initial Critique Discussions 

Today I had a small group conversation showing my work in front of two of my tutors and the group.


This is my first idea for my story board, which I showed today. The concept is simple as it illustrates the happiness of a party but with an underlining meaning that the children will ultimately become sick and diseased. This is visually represented through the balloons popping and releasing the chickenpox, thus making it a chickenpox party.

When talking to the tutors it was apparent that the balloons were the key aspect of the design, which could be taken further into the narrative. This could be where the balloons were the actual children with the emotions. I could take this further so that the strings could animate as well. Their could be one single infected balloon with many other balloons around that seem to be playing and having a good time. Then the single ill balloon slowly infects the others around it. This could be shown in many different ways through popping, deflating air onto other balloons or just as simple as a touch.

Another element we talked about was the sound. This could be as simple as party music playing in the background as there would have no need to have a narrator talking because the story line should be well presented. A different way to go would be to have children giggling and have children making weird noises.

To go further and make this come to life I will use the software after effects. This should help with the cartoon style and overall emotions that are being portrayed.


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