Movement Project

Tuesday 6th to Sunday 11th November- Movement Idea Creation and Visuals

To begin with I brainstormed and made a ruff list of many random ideas I thought. Capture

Then I picked my favourites that I thought I could develop into good ideologies. Capture2

From there I decided to mind map what sort of animation or creative path to take. After a short while I realised that the illness idea could have great potential. This idea came from my life experience of my parents holding a chickenpox party when my siblings caught the illness.

I was still unsure on the name of my new movement but through talking to one of my tutors we decided that illness-ism could include too much of a wide variety of diseases. So by using my experiences we decided on Pox-ism, which is a lot more catchy.Capture3

From deciding on the main focus of the movement I wanted to do some research into the disease and why would parents want to make their children go through this pain. When talking to another tutor he said that one of the best advice he got to raise his children was to make them know that the real world is harsh from a young age. This should mean that the children should be more resilient and better prepared for the future.Capture4

I began to draw some initial ideas for the movement. At first I though it needed memorable characters, but then that could seem childish and could ruin the over all nature of the piece. Then I though about the party style and what elements of a party can have great meaning.  This lead me to the balloon concepts.

After a messy sketch of ruff ideas I made a digital story board of the design. Capture


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