Work Shop Friday

Work shop – Friday 28th September

I was unsure how much I knew in Adobe Illustrator but by the end of the workshop I left feeling that I knew almost all of the software.

To begin with I should say that for the past 3 years I have work along side Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop but I have never got along with them. However, with moving to uni and talking to other students I am slowly growing to appreciate software.

my rocketshipIn our hour workshop we created our own rocket ship. I knew how to use everything on Adobe except the anchor point tool. This was a revelation as I can now adjust the path of a shape easily with out having to re-do the whole shape. Within this hour I anchor point tooldeveloped and adjusted the lines so that they look painted instead of the plain, classic lines.



Typography Continued

Cardiff City – Tuesday 25th September

This was another adventure, not of the mind but exploring the city. Our task was to find the best style fonts from our provided list. One typeface was a lot harder to find around the city – this was Italics.Dr PepperThe style font was difficult to find as many of the shops used bold or script fonts. However, I found a bottle of Dr Pepper which had an italic font. The other fonts where Roman, Majuscule and Miniscule. These were easier to find as Roman is very common among old fashioned pubs and restaurants, while Majuscule and miniscule are just capital and lower case letters which chain retail shops use often.

Once back at the university we began to create our fonts that we took photos of. This meant that we were drawing and cutting out the letters. After cutting out 4 different letters of our chosen fonts we began to tack them all onto a wall as a collective class. I feel that the final look has some good areas and some needed more attention due to the open space and lack of interest there. On the other hand, your eye as the viewer is drawn across the display as it has a good link with colours. letters wall

Introduction to Typography

My first lecture for the course – Monday 24th September

This was an exciting moment I was finally training to be in an official Graphic Designer. The first tutor began to talk in depth about typography. This was very intriguing as I never thought that something as simple as one word or a letter could affect a person’s thought process so deeply. For instance this would be the style of serif, which include the size, shape and if they were even present. Another, example would be the spacial awareness of each individual letter. To develop our skills we were asked to draw our names with the spacing embedded in our minds.

Kerning Practise

My first name was too spacious, so with the second attempt I pulled them tighter. For my surname I feel the letters are good on the base line but again to far spread. Thus, when I went onto my second attempt my name has a good consistency with the kerning and base line.

Later on in the afternoon we had independent study. This included around 20 different type faces which we had to hand draw, research and bullet point the main style.


Early Days

This has been an interesting week. I moved in on Sunday 16th of September, of which I was so please to have a lovely flat and flat mates. The next day I met my course leaders and fellow pupils.

To begin with on Monday the tutors spoke about the overview of the course and future activities. Then became the fun part; this included two balloons, one egg and several sheets of card. Our mission was to keep the egg whole for as long as possible when dropped from a height. I found a team then a table and began to assemble a form of parachute with our equipment provided.

When finished we congregated around the front so that the end products would be thrown from a height. The first round the designs were dropped, luckily ours survived but so did everyone’s egg. In the next round the eggs were thrown down and each round after that thrown with a greater force.

So far the day was going very well. It ended with a lecture with 200 other students by the dean of our university.

The next morning we had a bit more of a lay in, starting at 10 am instead of 9.45 am. Tuesday was used to present our summer projects. This was our “Me, Myself and I Presentation.” I was intrigued to find out what everyone’s interests are and who inspires them.

Wednesday was our freshers fayre at the other campus in Cyncoed. I believe I signed up to three different clubs.

Thursday, this was filled with information to prepare us all for the year. Some information included how to use moodle, what our day to day expectations were and the introduction of constellation. This all filled me with hope for my future experiences.

Learning Journal so far

The Past: College - Interactive Screens
I’m Fiona Fraser and I have lived in Basingstoke my whole life. I began graphics in secondary school, through that I experienced Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the first time. This continued though my college education. I began to understand simple quick techniques that helped me create art at a basic level. In my final year I have developed skills that I was unsure of at first. Overall I have a well-rounded knowledge of Adobe but could go even further. My work ethic has always been high which shows with my qualifications of B grade in GSCE and A-Level.

The Present:

At fresher’s fair at Cardiff Metropolitan I learnt a many things through talking to a variety of people in different societies. One stall was the Fab Lab, which was show casing many different objects made with many different materials, such as copper or plastic. This engaged me to listen to the expert as he spoke about the challenges and accomplishments that the team has made. I most liked that fact that they helped people create their dreams from a 2D image to a 3D construction. My favourite designs was the dog as it is an everlasting memory of a well-loved animal.

The Future:

In the future I wish to learn about how to use a more old fashion style of printing and really get into the hands on style of graphics. I want to challenge myself to be more creative and adventurous, maybe try to get the more vibrant colours to work. I am excited to meet and interact with my class in upcoming projects. This week has opened my mind to many number of things, such as graphic communication doesn’t just have to be as simple as a poster or logo but can have development into reasoning behind why the design works or doesn’t work.