APPlying APPtitude – Digital Visuals

Week of 25th March – Independent study 

20190504_171207Through using the ruff sketches I managed to create a simple design that used only two colours. I started with black and white to perfect the silhouette and the overall design. I began to use lowercase letters but I felt that the design needed to be more crisp and some how more bold. From this I decided to make the main parts capital letters for extra impact/ ‘power’.

I experimented with the look of the raged edges compared to the crisp edges, through showing my peers it was stated that the ragged edges made the design lose the urban and contemporary feel so ended with the crisp sharp edges that can almost represent the sharp angles of ideal body.

I most like the wonky and off centre designs as it is almost a metaphor for the app being out of the mainstream/ wonky, almost insulting the classic perceptions of what we should ideally look like.

I struggled to find the right colour scheme but through trying many different colours and a little research I decided upon orange. This colour can be seen as energetic and warm as well as representing the sun which shows power. This paired with the black gives a sense of aggression and rebelling whilst still being sophisticated.




APPlying APPtitude – Visual Ideas

Week of the 25th April – Independent Study/ Review Initial Visuals

For the idea I first thought about having 3 different types of 6 packs, such as beer, abs and so on. however, when telling other about this they said that it would not work as the design needs to be simple and almost as if the app is a one liner.


I then thought about that the users should be able to personalise much like the app I downloaded, but this would change colour, tones and to make the person more human and seem like the user or the user can make up a dream look for them. I initially want a slider for this as the user can get more of a range of personalisation, but I’ll have to figure out how Xd will allow this.

I knew I wanted darker tones so I began to sketch up some ideas with colour pallets. I sketched up ideas of the first page so that I can just get the design idea to copy across the rest of the design. Through this process I realised that the design doesn’t need more than two or three colours so as I sketched more I lost more and more colours as well as details. I lost like the look of the second page of designs, which just have straight lines with strong angles. This design should fit in well with the target audience of younger men, due to it being modern, easy to navigate and had an urban feel.

APPlying APPtitude – Research

Week of the 25th March – Independent study 

Moving on from choosing the app idea, I needed to look into what style choices are out there. I opened up the app store and simply searched for 6 pack in 30 days. A lot came up and the style was always very similar, with the red tones broken up with the back and white cartoon styles. 

Next to get a better idea of how an app like this would function and what style choices would be made, I downloaded an app called six pack in 30 days.

Screenshot 2019-05-04 at 13.59.52

The logo includes a very stereotypically masculine colour scheme. the colours represent blood and power, making the user think that they are those things. I want to use this within my own app but more tricking the user so that they want to show off their app instead of the users own abs.

The app itself was extremely basic. It loaded quickly with a man’s body, which I assume is what the end goal should supposedly be. I’m not sure if I like this as it is extra time wasted on loading and I feel that my target audience would not want to spend an extra few seconds on waiting as I feel they would most likely get bored if it was a constant thing.

This loading page went on to what training plan I wanted and onto each days training plan. Within the days it included what was needed to do which increased as each day progressed. On top of this it had a side panel that almost makes it personal with reports, plan options and reminders. For my own app I could personalise it with different sizes or colours so that each user has a different experience.

One this this app isn’t is cohesive. The logo is cartoon, with red and dark tones; whereas, within the app it uses photography with a blue and lighter tones. I feel that I can create something more cohesive, which includes either just photography or cartoons.

I’m thinking of just having a darker colour scheme of only a few simple bold colours, maybe black, white and a more masculine urban colour, like red, electric blue or a harsh orange. This should be an improvement from the exciting app as the photos use the darker more sinister tones that doesn’t at all work with the cool blue almost peaceful tones.


APPlying APPtitude – Refining Ideas

Week of Monday 18th – Initial Ideation Tutorials 

In the Tuesday group tutorials it was clear that I liked 3 ideas – being locking apps/ messages, design app and 6 pack in 30 days. To really get one main idea I knew I had to think more thoroughly about the concept, ect.

The design app

To differ from what is out there I want to create something bad and that isn’t at all good. I can use comic sans, impact, curlz fonts. I can make spelling mistakes, the quality can be extremely bad. Then I looked into what sort of designed templates can be used. These can include posters, logos, business cards, flyers, invitations or even social media styles. All of this will have to be done correctly even if it is meant to be wrong, this will be extremely hard to find the balance of what is bad as everyone interprets design and art differently. Over all I feel some of the other ideas can be better suited to my style.

Locking app

This app would be to stop others from getting in/ out. The target market would either have to be parents to stop their child getting onto banking ect, or teens not wanting the parents or friends getting into their private messages, photos or social media. To create this I think I’ll have to do more on the promotion and marketing of this, due to the app being simple. Maybe come up with a few different scenarios that include both target audiences. However, looking back through the research and talking to the tutors this concept has already been created and I feel that I want to design something that is unique.

6 Pack in 30 Days

My first though is to create an app that has one touch a day and once you ‘do the workout’ or tap the screen once you can not use the app till the next day. The target audience would be simple as it would be fore young men between the ages of 16 to 29. Stereotypically they are showing off to their ‘lad’ friends and want to look their own best self to impress their potential partners. This app would feed on their need to impress and be the best and more attractive they can.


Overall, I feel that I’m most interested in the 6 pack app. This gives comedy in an almost ‘fuck society’ way, where the app itself is almost mocking the users for not going to the GYM or actually getting their own six pack. I feel that this simple idea can let me branch out into a variety of elements, like the way I can market this, the design elements, the personalisation of the app.

APPlying APPtitude – Initial Thoughts

Week of 18th March – Initial Ideas + Tutorial

When in the Monday’s lecture I was highly inspired with different routes I could go down, whether that will include cultural, social, political, technological or environmental element is up to me. Immediately had some ideas and noted many simple concepts down. Some of these include;

  • blocking people at certain times from contacting you
  • tracking your social media profile and who looks at it
  • temporarily removes all cookies from your phone (10/20 minute intervals)
  • the graphic designer app
  • the pointless games – pen clicker/ fidget spinner/ hot wheels/ ect.
  • Dad joke central
  • locking apps – staying in/ keeping out
  • fake 6 pack in 30 days


I decided I needed to research into these ideas and see whether they are in the market already. To do this I simply got my smart phone and opened google play store and began to search for the different existing apps. Through this I started making larger decisions and cutting them down. This included whether they exist, if they are possible or whether I would find it interesting to create and research into.

I immediately removed the thought of tracking someone online as this would have to be dealt with sensitivity and I feel I couldn’t take it as far as I want to go. With removing all previous cookies, this is essentially going back to software basics and the day you got your own smart device, which in theory might seem great but I feel the general public does not want it. Moving forward, the pointless mind numbing games are out there and has a wide range of types existing it will be very difficult to find a niche market or something that hasn’t already been done a million times. This all is the same with the dad joke idea.

Along with this the locking app will need to be marketed differently as some already exist. These include locking certain pictures or blocking you messaging people at certain times. The market I was thinking about which is different to whats out there is teens and young adults that pass their own phones around to their friends and be really jokey. These phone owners might not want their friends to message certain people, so the app can have a finger print scanner or use a builtin one.

The last two ideas I did a little more research on as I thought they were better than some others. The first I looked into was the designer app. There is so much out there saying each one is the best and you should get their app. The set up of each app is fairly similar with 4 or 5 presets that you can adapt and personalise to what you want; these include flyers, posters, business cards ect. Once you have created the design you can download it to your phone to share. The money is made from a few different ways; some of the apps you have to pay to download the app, others you have to pay to download the design and some are free with adds.

The final idea I researched into was the 6 pack in 30 days. So may of these exist and have a very specific target market for each app. These include men from 18 to 24 years wanting a perfect body, a woman wanted to lose a few pounds around the stomach area and so on. The way I want to go is have it as a joke where the users don’t have to actually lose the weight it is just on their own screens. This has not been done but I can see the potential users out there through scrolling through the comments. On the “splits in 30 days” app there are a few funny comments saying things similar to what happens if i cant do the splits in 30 days, do I restart the whole app? and other comments mocking the app in a sarcastic tone.

APPlying APPtitude – Launch

Monday 18th March – Brief Launch

To put brief in context we all initially watched the video which visualised how technology has developed and become more in tune with our lives. We then were given some more explanation about the different areas of this new area of technology.

Moving digital is both seen as a good thing as well as bad. When talking about the transition into the digital world it has been seen as mainly a beneficial as it is less likely to be lost, easier, quicker, easily shared – all which help the user. Although this means we can live a “better life” than before it can be switched as we are now being less social and less active. In the tutor’s presentation he showed many mind numbing apps that we as the general public love and will most likely continue to love.

This got me thinking about how most people are being exploited for their needs to be entertained constantly. This can also be seen through the back to nature workshops/ resorts that have little to no electricity. With the brief being create an app with my own ideas I am excited to see what ways the public (peers/ tutors) can react to my different concepts.

I am currently unsure on how I can find a good market or challenge myself and find an untapped niche market. Also I am a little apprehensive to use the new software – Adobe XD – which I didn’t even know existed until a tutor mentioned it.

Changing Faces – Final Interpretations

Week of the 11th March – Independent study 

After having tweaked my designs from tutor feedback I printed the pages and looked through for the finer details. I noticed that some of the bubble were not cut out and overlapped. Although this started as a style choice I decided to remove any overlapping parts of the circles, which as well as looking more refined it added to the metaphor of the memories not fully coming together.

On top of this I was still unconvinced on the last spread as the large red bubble still didn’t fit as much as I wanted it to. After spending slightly too long adjusting each and every bubble I am finally happy with the outcome and overall flow of the piece.

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Overall I feel more confident with InDesign both with the help from the workshop and my own development and experimentation. At the start of this project I could easily say that InDesign was one of my least confident Adobe software due to the lack of previous use. But now I am confident to present my work knowing that I used the program to the best of my ability.