Introduction to Typography

My first lecture for the course – Monday 24th September

This was an exciting moment I was finally training to be in an official Graphic Designer. The first tutor began to talk in depth about typography. This was very intriguing as I never thought that something as simple as one word or a letter could affect a person’s thought process so deeply. For instance this would be the style of serif, which include the size, shape and if they were even present. Another, example would be the spacial awareness of each individual letter. To develop our skills we were asked to draw our names with the spacing embedded in our minds.

Kerning Practise

My first name was too spacious, so with the second attempt I pulled them tighter. For my surname I feel the letters are good on the base line but again to far spread. Thus, when I went onto my second attempt my name has a good consistency with the kerning and base line.

Later on in the afternoon we had independent study. This included around 20 different type faces which we had to hand draw, research and bullet point the main style.



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