Learning Journal so far

The Past: College - Interactive Screens
I’m Fiona Fraser and I have lived in Basingstoke my whole life. I began graphics in secondary school, through that I experienced Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for the first time. This continued though my college education. I began to understand simple quick techniques that helped me create art at a basic level. In my final year I have developed skills that I was unsure of at first. Overall I have a well-rounded knowledge of Adobe but could go even further. My work ethic has always been high which shows with my qualifications of B grade in GSCE and A-Level.

The Present:

At fresher’s fair at Cardiff Metropolitan I learnt a many things through talking to a variety of people in different societies. One stall was the Fab Lab, which was show casing many different objects made with many different materials, such as copper or plastic. This engaged me to listen to the expert as he spoke about the challenges and accomplishments that the team has made. I most liked that fact that they helped people create their dreams from a 2D image to a 3D construction. My favourite designs was the dog as it is an everlasting memory of a well-loved animal.

The Future:

In the future I wish to learn about how to use a more old fashion style of printing and really get into the hands on style of graphics. I want to challenge myself to be more creative and adventurous, maybe try to get the more vibrant colours to work. I am excited to meet and interact with my class in upcoming projects. This week has opened my mind to many number of things, such as graphic communication doesn’t just have to be as simple as a poster or logo but can have development into reasoning behind why the design works or doesn’t work.


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