Movement Opening Day

Monday 29th October – Introduction to Movement

I turned up eager to learn what are new brief would be. I knew the name and that was it- Movement. To start with we had a lecture on the styles and meanings of moments. This was a great lecture with mini clips and extremely eye opening information. The tutor spoke about the different elements that you need to know in order to create the best movement possible.

Informative – not to over load the piece, giving the right information

Focus – drawing attention to one part through movement, being careful not to take away focus from something important

Expressive – create a mood or energy, making the viewer feel a certain way

The tutor also picked up on the other aspects of a movement piece, such as the musicality of the work. This can be seen as a harmony of sound and animations, thus increasing the 3 main aspects of the movement. Another aspect is the vitality, meaning that the animation brings life to objects. Much like the well-known animated lamp by Pixar that is capable of human emotions; through using an exaggerated motions and shifts the creators were able to bring life to an inanimate every day object. In addition to all of this she continued to talk about the spacial elements, time and gravity of the features.

Moving onto the brief our task is to invent a new ideological movement or an “-ism.” Our piece must move, this can either be a YouTube style advert, a click bate on the side of a website or something new. The topic to design has to be completely new and can be as offensive as we dare to go.