Finalising My Movement Piece

Monday 26th November – Studio support 

Today I asked for opinions on where to go and how to make final tweaks to my piece. Overall the comments where positive.

One aspect mentioned was that the sound of the balloon popping. This was because there was only one balloon pop. To rectify this I simply copied another two of the same sounds.

Another improvement that was stated is to change the design and colour of the word “poxism.” They suggested that I make it look as in its been infected. I changed to colour to a pinky-skin colour. Then added spots as if the words had chickenpox.


Overall I am happy with my piece as it has some comedic value but doesn’t overpower the message. I believe that if it were to become a real YouTube style advert the public would be entertained and drawn in by the bright colours, style of the design and the actual content.


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