Adding Audio

Week of the 19th November – Independent work

I wanted to keep my animation without actual words spoken out loud. So for the audio I was unsure whether I needed to use music or just sound effects.

To start with I wanted to add in happy party music or loud children running around and having an over all great time. I listened to many different child-like party music but they didn’t truly fit what I wanted. So I went with children outside playing in a school playground. This is paired with girls giggling so that the mood is overall very joyful.

Next is the balloons popping which was very easy to add. After this it is the sound of adults cheering, which is meant to illustrate the parents being happy that their children are going to be cured from the virus. This is followed the children laughing. Over all the sounds add to the chaotic nature.


I added all my audio from and which were both easy to use.



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