Smells like Teen Spirit

22nd November – week 7 Postmodernism : Bricolage – Harajuku Street style

In the lecture we went over Bricolage, Harajuku style and how they did a ‘mash-up’ of many number of different styles across the century. Then we continued to figure out what we are doing for the learning journal (which I am still apprehensive about).

At first I was unsure on what Bricolage was but the tutor explained that it is the concept of adding deliberate combinations together for the style. This is a post modernism approach as it is reworking old ascetics to create a reconfiguration of ideas. Much like a retro style bricolage is relying on the viewers knowledge of the past and prior function to understand their new outcomes.

Linking this to the classic harajuku style they use a random mass-produced items such as the stereotypical bright pink Hello Kitty toys and accessories that they attach to themselves. The harajuku girls could be seen as the ultimate ‘mash-up’ because of the amount of styles they use, some of which are the traditional Japanese dress, the avant-garde culture, Tudor and Elizabethan feminine attire, goth, steam punk and hyper western modern style. All of this is created to look exaggerated and it seems to cover their identity instead of showcasing who they are. This is a different concept to all the others we have looked at, as those are showing off where the fit into society and what group/ gang they belong/ adhere to.

Another aspect we looked into was the key aspects we need to write for our learning journal. The tutor gave us questions for our minds to think over, as well as overall guide lines. She wants us to relate what we have learnt back to our own individual practise such as how I have learnt how to look as a large block of text and know who to paraphrase which will help me when I research into a brief and need to create a presentation of my findings.


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