Movement Development

Monday 19th November – Discussion over outcomes

I wanted to keep the animation simple with very few add on but had a continuous feel. So I decided to redo the animation as it was static and I wanted to follow previous critiques. I did this through out the week.

To begin I took away all of the characters. The removal of the child characters meant that the balloons can now be a visual representation of the children at the chickenpox party. At first I just had the 3 red balloons that would be the children but then with showing my group I added 5 different coloured balloons in so that it could be more of a party scene. These new balloons would the move away ready for the 3 main ones to explode.

Continuing on the balloons exploding is well illustrated and everyone was very happy with this effect. The only aspect that I changed was the speed so that it was a more realistic pop.

I the added the text this included the title “Poxism” and the words “A party for happy children and caring parents.” With the title I wanted to make that different through using a text preset. Going though the different effects I can across a magnifying style. This gave the illusion that a glass is going over the top making each letter stand out in turn. However this effect does not allow me to remove the base layer as each letter increases, thus giving the illusion of having 2 of the same letters at the same time.

The second set of letters are show so that the slide up from the bottom and appear after you have read the previous word. This should allow a viewer of all ages to read the text.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Over all the colour tones are bright and clashing to illustrate the vibrancy of a child’s party. I added a background colour of a gender neutral turquoise, so that all can be included. When looking through and showing my animation to the group one single colour was not enough so I added colour changing at the beginning ti set the tone. This emphasises the chaotic nature of a party scene.


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