After Effects Introduction

Wednesday 7th – After Effects Introduction

I had never used after effects before the workshop and was very unsure of how things worked but I was certain that I would figure the overall aspects of the software.

By the end of the workshop I had created a few little animations that look half decent. These small moving aspects taught me that the first over whelming software is similar to most adobe programs.

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Wednesday 14th to Sunday 18th – creating first animation

Through using the online videos created and my Capturememory of the workshop I was able to recreate the simple spinets of my storyboard. I developed my techniques and by the end of the week I was able to use around 5 different techniques to create a basic full animation.

One aspect that I was unsure about was the explosion of the balloons. To create this effect I had to mess around and find the spilt effect. This meant that I could break the balloons into many pieces. Continuing on my concept where the balloons release the disease I wanted to use a confetti style breakout. Using YouTube tutorials on how to create a particle world effect I managed to make 3 different eruptions.

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